Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board and Executive Director

Name:Jason Muse
Agency:Tulsa Police Department
Law Enforcement Experience: 18 Years
Tactical Experience:15 Years
Biography:Lt. Muse served on the Tulsa Police Department Special Operations Team (SOT) from 2007 to 2022. He served as an entry team member and explosive breacher for Entry Team 2. Jason served as a Tactical Breaching Instructor, Rappel Master, and a Hazmat Instructor.


Name:Tim Dorsey
Rank:Deputy Chief
Agency:Edmond Police Department
Law Enforcement Experience:32 Years
Tactical Experience:16 Years
Biography:Deputy Chief Dorsey currently directs the operations of the Edmond Police Department, which includes Patrol and Criminal Investigations. He is a previous SWAT Commander for Edmond SWAT. Tim is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy Session #195 in Quantico, VA.


Name:Chad Farmer
Rank:Deputy Chief
Agency:Muskogee Police Department
Law Enforcement Experience:27 Years
Tactical Experience:23 Years
Biography:Deputy Chief Farmer currently directs the Patrol Division of the Muskogee Police Department. He became a Muskogee Police Department Special Operations Team member in 1997 where he served as an Entry Team Member, Assistant Team Leader, Team Leader, retired as the Team Commander in 2018, selected as the Team Commander again in 2020. Chad is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy Session #258 in Quantico, VA.

Board Member

Name:Gary Fuxa
Agency:Enid Police Department
Law Enforcement Experience:29 Years
Tactical Experience:26 Years
Biography:Captain Gary Fuxa currently directs the Special Operations Division of the Enid Police Department which includes the Street Crimes Unit, K9 Unit, SWAT, and Training Unit. He currently serves as the SWAT Commander, Range Master/Firearms Instructor, and Emergency Management Liaison.

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