Hostage Rescue Training

May 22nd through May 26th, 2023

Cost $400 per student

Tulsa Location will be listed soon!

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Course Overview

This course offers training for SWAT team members with prior basic SWAT training and will address advance tactics and techniques. Students will be introduced to and trained in crucial aspects of hostage rescue operations. Topics include hostage rescue concepts, rapid deployment, emergency entry tactics, tactical operations center (TOC), and crisis negotiations concepts. Hostage rescue techniques and force options will be covered in-depth including stronghold, vehicle, bus, and tactical long rifle options. The student will complete multiple fast- paced field training exercises that will improve and enhance his knowledge and tactical skills.

Student Equipment List

• Law Enforcement ID
• Successful completion of a Basic SWAT School
• Ballistic Helmet
• Body Armor/Entry Vest
• Boots
• Chemical Agent Mask
• Ballistic eye protection
• Force-on-Force Mask/groin/neck protection
• Gloves
• Primary Entry Weapon (Rifle)
o Rounds rifle – 250
• Secondary Weapon (Pistol)
o Rounds Handgun – 250
• SWAT Uniform
• Training FSDD
• Training weapon (250 Rounds of Marking Munitions)
• Water and snacks