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MARCH 23RD -27TH Muskogee PD Range


This course addresses the entire spectrum of Night Vision Training and use from the LEO perspective.  Classroom instruction will cover the Night Vision System and why all components are critical. In addition, special considerations for LE during SWAT missions as well as recommended policy and practices.

Range drills will expose weaknesses and strengths of using night vision for slow clears to hostage rescue and will cover the following: Comparative contrast between current NV and laser systems, Understanding the importance of power as it relates to photonic barriers, Zeroing procedures, IR engagements of low and high percentage threat zones, IR to white light transitions, How engagement and application under NVG’s varies, when shooting around intermediate barriers and barricades

Officer Performance Objectives:

Students will be able to understand the importance of every facet of night vision as a system and articulate the appropriate requirements to their chain of command.

They will be able to zero and explain various zeroing techniques to their peers.

Integration into team training and missions regardless of TTP’s.

Officers will have a better understanding of the advantages of tactical police operations conducted within the IR spectrum.

TUITION – $800


Rifle / Subgun with 2000 rounds of ammunition. 3 magazines minimum, 5 dummy rounds.

IR Illuminator/Laser

Duty Pistol with 500 rounds of ammunition, 3 magazines minimum, 5 dummy rounds

IR/White pistol light or dedicated white light on the handgun

NVG & Helmet with mount. (Make sure the two interface please)

Simunition Upper/Bolt for your carbine.

250 Rounds marking cartridge for your primary weapon and 50 for your secondary.

Appropriate duty belt with mag pouches.

Body armor. With load bearing vest, carrier, chest rig or whatever to carry extra magazines and GAS MASK.

Eye and Ear Protection

Clothing appropriate for weather conditions

Head Lamp or helmet light

Anti-Fog / Cat Crap

Lens Paper/Cloth

Note taking material

Training TQ and Pressure Dressing

Spare batteries for optics, lasers and lights. Flex Cuffs