Donate to OKSOA

*Read Before Making a Donation*

Donating to the Oklahoma Special Operations Association (OKSOA) does not guarantee membership in the association. To be eligible for membership you must meet the eligibility requirements of the association. An applicant’s request will be reviewed prior to approving membership. Donations are non-refundable. Below is the listed criteria to be a member:

Standard Membership – $25 Annual

Individuals applying for membership must demonstrate that the applicant

  • Is employed as sworn law enforcement personnel (including reserve officers/deputies), corrections officers, tactical dispatchers, or tactical emergency medical support personnel assigned to support the law enforcement mission or;
  • Is active duty military or National Guard personnel assigned to a special operations group or law enforcement unit or;
  • Is a retired credentialed law enforcement officer or;
  • Is a retired military personnel formerly assigned to SWAT or special operations or;
  • Is a contract security officer who is assigned to a mission supporting Homeland Security or Critical Infrastructure protection subject to verification of their status to assure security needs.

Individual Members in the OKSOA are granted all rights of membership as determined by the Board of Directors including but not limited to the right to vote on matters submitted to the members including election of the Board of Directors. The rights of individual membership may be modified or amended at any time at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors of the OKSOA, or designee, may deny, suspend or revoke membership to any individual at its discretion by majority.

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