Registration and Vendor Show:

Sunday October 1st, 2023

801 E. 91st St. Tulsa, OK 

0800 – Registration and Vendor Show Begins

0930 – Welcome

1000 – Legal Update

1200 – Lunch 

1330 – Guest Speaker – Major Fred Galvin USMC (Retired) – Author of “A Few Bad Men: The True Story of U.S. Marines Ambushed in Afghanistan and Betrayed in America”

1700 – Dinner and Social Event


Monday – Wednesday October 2nd – 4th

Locations will be provided at Registration on Sunday.

SNIPER COURSE – 2 Days (Mon – Tues) Course Info: Sniper Fieldcraft Course Overview

  • This 2-day course will cover advanced concepts in rural sniper operations.

BREACHING COURSE – 3 Days (Mon – Tues – Wed)

  • This 3-day advanced breaching course will cover ramming (high and low), prying, gaping, brake-n-rake, padlocks, cable, hinges, porting, how to sledge correctly, how to avoid an injury, and CQB breaching techniques.


  • This 3-day course is designed to expose police SWAT Team Commanders and Supervisors to SWAT issues they will face operationally and current tactics and procedures to effectively resolve the incident. Topics include leadership issues, justifying the use of SWAT Teams, SWAT standards and professionalism, contemporary SWAT issues and concerns, and legal issues and considerations.  The third day will focus heavily on incident debriefs and lessons learned from SWAT Team Leaders.

TUBULAR ASSAULTS – 3 Days (Mon – Tues – Wed)

  • The first two days will cover the advanced concepts of SWAT team interventions on airplanes and buses. On the third day students will join the Team Commander’s Course and hear incident debriefs and leadership concepts from the instructor.


  • This 3-day course will expose teams to the tactical capabilities of several different types of armored vehicles. The course will focus on deployment methods of the armored vehicle used to maximize safety for the team and civilians. Tactical situations requiring the use of an armored vehicle will be covered in depth.  This includes barricaded suspects, high-risk warrant service, hostage rescues, civilian evacuations, and rescue operations. The students will also be exposed to shooting platforms, personal equipment issues, and breaching options.

CTS – Less Lethal and NFDD – Two – 1 day courses (Mon – Tues)


SHEILD COURSE – 2 Days (Mon – Tues) Course Info: VCG Ballistic Shield Course Overview

  • This 2-day course is designed to enhance officer’s confidence in the use of the ballistic shield while conducting building entries including firing a handgun with one hand and for the other officer to fire behind the shield with either a handgun or rifle. Working in a team environment it is also important to understand team concept in working with the ballistic shield with an offset teammate. 

TACTICAL TRACKING COURSE – 3 Days (Mon – Tues – Wed) Course Info: Tactical Tracking Course Overview

  • Level I is a 24 hour (3 day) course designed to teach basic visual tracking TTPs (tactics, techniques, and procedures) needed to successfully track individuals in a rural and urban environment. Whether the quarry is lost or a fleeing felon, LEM-1 provides the team-based tools needed to conduct tracking operations with “officer safety” at the forefront. At the conclusion of the course, students will work as a team to track and apprehend a fugitive in a scenario based on real world law enforcement tracking operations.


  • This course will focus on rapid accurate shooting with both pistol and carbine. Students will be challenged to make rapid accurate shots under constrained times on realistic scoring zones. Along with this, students will get personal instruction on how they can improve their own skill set and the personnel they may teach in the future. Students will be given current teaching methods on how to train, along with the whys behind the instruction. Students attending will leave with a solid foundation of information to take back to their agencies to improve themselves, members of their team, and other members of their department.

Price per student is $300. 

To Register click on the link below. Select either Individual Registration (Pay Now) or (Invoice). Once you select either of those select the class you wish to attend. All attendees will arrive to register on October 1st, 2023.

Map Street

Tulsa, OK