SWAT Sniper Supervisor Course

February 20 – 21, 2023

Hosted by the Oklahoma Special Operations Association and the Broken Arrow Police Department

Contact: Jason Muse or Shane Gibson for more information

Cost: Member – $200 or Non-member – $255

Registration: Click here to register

The police sniper is possibly the most important and misused element of the tactical team.  The success or failure of the sniper program rests heavily on their command personnel.  They are the people who will make the crucial decisions about selecting, equipping, training and employing snipers for critical incidents.  However, they cannot be expected to make knowledgeable decisions without a thorough understanding of the police sniper, his function, his needs, his capabilities, and his limitations.  This course is designed to educate the SWAT supervisor charged with the responsibility of establishing and utilizing a sniper program and will give him the information he will need to make that program safe, successful and effective.

This course will cover:            The mission of the police sniper

                                                Selection of personnel

                                                Equipment needs

                                                Establishing a training program

                                                Program documentation

                                                Developing a sniper team SOP

                                                Green lights and deadly force issues

                                                Liability protections

                                                Sniper tactics and mission planning

                                                Non-traditional roles for sniper use

                                                Pre and Post shooting issues and procedures

                                                Case studies and horror stories

This course consists of two full days of in-depth classroom instruction.  Class day will run about 8 hours.  A certificate is awarded for successful completion of this course. 

Materials needed:                   Notebook and pen

                                                Empty flash drive to download handout packet

                                                Casual attire

Students are encouraged to bring with them any written material they may have about the structure and function of their sniper program; i.e. SOP’s, training programs, etc.