Law Enforcement Mantracker (LEM) Course – 40 Hours CLEET CE 

May 27-30, 2024

Tulsa, OK $400 a student

Course Overview: The Law Enforcement Mantracker Course or LMT is designed to teach basic to advanced visual tracking TTPs (VT techniques, tactics, and procedures) needed to successfully track individuals in a rural and urban environment.  Whether the quarry is lost or a fleeing felon, LMT provides the team-based tools needed to conduct tracking operations with “officer safety” at the forefront.


LMT will begin with an introduction to VT terminology, dynamics of human movement (footprint & stride science), basic visual tracking techniques, individual lost spoor procedures and the basics of visually identifying & reading spoor across common mediums.  LMT then expands on the study of pressure releases, providing the tools required for more advanced Tracker deduction by understanding how the ground translates human movement and dynamics.


Students will complete a trailing performance evaluation to demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of visual tracking. Once the groundwork has been laid and tested, students will be introduced to updated tracking team techniques, tactics and procedures. TTPs include formations, team member roles, hand & arm signals for silent communication, rural small unit apprehension & tactics, and rural operational considerations.


As is standard with law enforcement tracking programs today, LMT will introduce the strength of the combat/tactical Y and its variations for maximum officer safety during high-risk tracking. However, CTT TTPs (Combat/Tactical Tracking Techniques, Tactics and Procedures) are largely based on the assumption that teams will have a minimum of 4 trained Trackers available to conduct tracking operations, which isn’t practical nor realistic based on Agency manpower today.


For that reason, LMT will focus more heavily on the employment of the SAS (Special Air Service) Track Pursuit Drill for 2-3 man team TTPs. In addition to SAS TPD lanes and scenarios, LMT will introduce updated sUAS (drone) support, track support element TTPs, K9 integration and urban tracking applications. The tricks of the trade for indoor tracking (residential/business) are also discussed and shown for active follow ups and investigative applications. Students will conduct several tracking scenarios based on actual Law Enforcement Tracking Operations, to include a final exercise up to 3 miles long to test their knowledge, understanding and practical application of the VT skill set.


Successful graduates of the program will receive a certificate of graduation and rights to the Mantracker Tab, issued upon course completion.  Take the step and embrace this life saving advanced skill set. You’ll never see the world around you the same way again.