COURSE #: 20231040     LOCATION: TULSA, OK     START DATE: 1/23/2023INDIVIDUAL MEMBER COST: $710.00     NON-MEMBER COST: $765.00 This course is designed for law enforcement personnel who are responsible for deploying in the capacityas a SWAT team leader or as a supervisor who is responsible for the training and deployment of tacticalteams. The focus of this training will be on pre-incident training, planning, organizing, and the
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Membership Payments

When you join as a member you will receive an email from the Tulsa Police Foundation that will thank you for your contribution. This foundation handles the accounting transactions for OKSOA. We are aware that when you join as a member it is not creating an account so you can login to our website. We
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The Oklahoma Special Operations Association would like to thank you for visiting our website. Please be patient we are in the process of getting all the functionality to work. Please Standby!